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Wellbeing services

Promoting positive mental wellbeing

We place great importance on overall mental wellbeing and have developed services to assist individuals. Our wellbeing services offer a varied programme of activities and groups in the community.

Bexley mental health community support

Whether you want to learn to manage your illness, return to work, enter education, find new hobbies and social activities, solve housing issues, make friends or organise your finances, we can help you plan for the future and build structures that will support you to stay well. We also provide support for  people on the autistic spectrum.

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Wellbeing Programme in Kent

Improve your mental wellbeing by joining this 6-week wellbeing programme.

We’ve put together six informative, interactive and thought-provoking sessions, which will give you tips on coping mechanisms and will help you focus on your own personal goals.

The 2-hour sessions run each week for 6 weeks.

The programme is based on the Six Ways to Wellbeing and other aspects of positive psychology.

Each week we will cover (amongst others):

  • where to get help
  • give
  • connect
  • healthy body, healthy mind
  • take notice
  • keep learning
What to expect

  • This programme is designed to give you a range of practical ways to improve your sense of wellbeing.
  • Before you join us, we will meet with you to find out your goals for attending. We do this using the Recovery Star.
  • We will also carry out a risk assessment and discuss how this programme will help you.
  • You will attend each 2-hour session, which runs each week for 6 weeks.
  • The sessions are informal and we expect there to be 4-6 people at each session.
  • We will give you a workbook that summarises the sessions and helps you write out your goals.

To refer to these services, you must make a referral to Live Well Kent (0800 567 7699 or email). Alternatively contact us directly:

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Pathways to Wellbeing Dover and Deal

Our Pathways to Wellbeing service supports people with mental health needs.

We provide:

  • Well-trained, experienced staff
  • Support to access community activities
  • An opportunity to meet others
  • An environment with a focus on wellbeing and recovery

We can support you to:

  • Take control of your life
  • Achieve a sense of belonging by meeting others who have experienced issues similar to your own
  • Deal with your stress in a positive way

To refer to these services, you can make a referral to Live Well Kent (0800 567 7699 or email). Alternatively contact us directly:

  • wellbeingreferral@mcch.org.uk
  • 01304 242558

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