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Signpost UK

Signpost UK provides people with information to take control of their mental wellbeing.

Support and information we provide:

  • Personal budgets and brokerage
  • Accredited training course to become a broker

Brokerage training packs

photo of ld and mh brokerage training packTraining Packs have been produced by Pavilion Publishing to support an accredited training course developed by Signpost UK. The packs are designed to skill participants as mental health brokers and support brokers, which includes a specialist focus on learning disability issues, systems and supports).

Purchase the Training Packs:

The cost is £115 for each pack, with a special introductory price of £95.00.

For more information and support about your mental health, call the Mental Health Matters Helpline on 0800 1070160 or email us.

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