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mcch is governed by a Board of Trustees which meets 6 times a year, including away days spent defining the strategic direction of the Company.

As well as the full Board, three Sub-Committees have delegated responsibility for their area of business:

  • Appointments and Remuneration
  • Finance, Risk and Audit
  • Strategy, Business Development and Performance

The mcch Board of trustees

  • Chair and trustee  Oliver Mills
  • Vice-Chair and trustee  Philip Sayer
  • Treasurer and trustee  Colin Mills
  • Trustee  Ann Cooke
  • Trustee  Phil Miller
  • Trustee  Robert Maslinski
  • Trustee  Kultar Nayyar
  • Trustee  Kate Wood
  • Trustee  Peter Hasler
  • Trustee  Anne Chapman
  • Trustee  Dr Maria Callias
  • Honorary President  Don Brand, MBE
  • Honorary Vice President  Viscount Tenby

Meet the Executive Directors

  • Interim Chief Executive and Executive Director of People and Performance  David Hall
  • Executive Director of Housing and Development  Richard Webb
  • Executive Director of Finance and ICT  Debbie Bankole-Williams
  • Executive Director of Learning Disability and Autism  Karen Reed
  • Executive Director of Mental Health  Mel Shad

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