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    Positive mental wellbeing

    Poor mental health can affect anyone and impact the people around them such as their family, friends and carers.

    We run a range of different services across the South East, supporting people with their mental health needs.

    If you're planning to get back into work, then that's fantastic news!

    Being in work can provide you with a sense of purpose and achievement. It can also provide friendships, a feeling of belonging and structure to your everyday routine. If you have gone back to work after a period of ill health, you may be concerned about how you are going to manage and how you will be treated by other people.

    How we can help:

    We have supported hundreds of people back to work by giving them the confidence to feel ready for the next step. We can support people to write their CV, fill out application forms, practise interviews and we can give advice.

    6 ways to wellbeing

    Read our wellbeing pages to find out some ways to keep on track of your mental wellbeing.

    Wellbeing 2-day courses in Kent

    We also run some wellbeing courses that give you practical ways to look after your mental health, as well as coping strategies. Click here to read more.

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