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Growing Concern

pot plantwhat is growing concern?

We support people with learning disabilities.

Our services to customers:
  • we water plants in offices
  • we grow and sell fruit and vegetables
  • we make hanging baskets
  • we do gardening work (mowing, cutting hedges and more)

where are we?

We work from three locations - Staplehurst, Maidstone and a project in Bexley.

how do we work?

watering canPeople with learning disabilities work with the staff and learn many skills, such as:
  • how to look after plants
  • how to grow fruit and vegetables
  • how to do gardening
  • ...and personal skills such as growing in confidence and improved communication

opportunities at growing concern

You can join growing concern as a volunteer and then progress to a gardening or watering assistant. We can then support you to apply for work in other companies.

internal work:

  • We can give you training and support
  • We can help to buid your confidence and self-esteeem
  • You willl learn skills in gardening
  • As a volunteer you will receive no payment for the time you attend
  • As a gardening or watering assistant, we will pay you at national minimum wage

external work:

  • We can look for work experience/trials at other companies for you
  • We can help you to write a CV, apply for jobs and help with interview skills
  • We will continue to support you, once you've found a job

I would like to join growing concern - what do I do?

Please contact us to see if this is right for you. Use our website contact form by clicking here, or call us on 01580 893604.

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