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Tuck by Truck

Driving your hunger away!

tuck by truck provides self-service snack trays for the workplace. Trays are full of top-branded snacks and drinks that are replenished weekly. This enterprise is innovative and successful – both in supporting people and in creating a thriving business in the local community.

How does it work?

  • We deliver a snack tray to businesses
  • Staff can purchase items as and when they need
  • Trays can be customised with their favourite snacks and cans of drink
  • We can supply healthier snacks as well
  • We will replace the snack tray weekly

Benefits for your business:

  • Your staff will never be hungry!
  • Your staff will not need to travel to the supermarket for their snacks
  • Convenient resource that doesn't take up much space
  • It offers work experience and paid work opportunities for people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs

if you are a business and want a snack tray in your workplace, click here to find out more information

benefits for people we support:

We have supported people to find part-time and full-time work, whilst still providing ongoing support. Set up to support people to develop work-related skills, build confidence and find and sustain open employment, tuck by truck is a successful enterprise in the South-East. People supported to work in the enterprise, as employees, are paid at least national minimum wage. Those progressing to open employment are supported by staff to attend job clubs, write CVs, gain interview skills and attend work trials.

mcch has four tuck by truck enterprises across the South-East. Three enterprises support people with learning disabilities and one supports people with mental health needs in Colchester.

Tuck by Truck franchise

An opportunity for your organisation

tuck by truck is a franchise that can be used by other service providers as an innovative way of supporting people to gain work-related skills. It's cost-effective and an innovative way of providing support to people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs.

Becoming a franchisee – some of the benefits:

  • Two weeks of support to assist the set up of your enterprise (may include training, support with canvassing businesses or set up of the enterprise and systems)
  • Start-up package that includes snack trays, pricing guns, marketing materials, honesty cash boxes and a comprehensive guide to running the franchise
  • An innovative proposition for commissioners
  • A potential customer base of around 200 businesses
  • Utilising the customer base to open up opportunities for work trials or paid employment for people you support
  • Membership of the tuck by truck forum to share best practice

For more information about becoming a franchisee, to request a franchise pack and to visit one of our tuck by truck services, please contact us.

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