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Living in Fear

the research

We received funding from the Big Lottery Fund for 3 years for our Living in Fear research project. 

This three-year research project was carried out by autism london, mcch, Kent Police and the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent.

Working in Medway and Kent, we wanted to find out:

  • how many people with autism and learning disabilities are victimised.
  • the characteristics of victims and what happens to them.
  • who perpetrators are.
  • barriers to reporting incidents and getting support.
  • the impact that the experiences and fears of victimisation has on wellbeing.
  • what the police find difficult in responding to reports

Almost half the people surveyed told researchers that bad things happened to them when out and about in the community.

This included physical attacks, threats, verbal abuse and damage to property. This resulted in making changes to their daily lives to avoid further incidents.

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