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Asperger support group

ALAG (autism london Aspergers group) is a monthly support group (running for almost 12 years) for adults with Asperger’s syndrome living in the Greater London area. It is a chance to meet others to talk about common issues, and to support and help each other. The first half hour of the meeting is spent greeting, socialising and having refreshments. This is followed by the whole group sitting down together to discuss an agreed topic or to hear from different speakers who offer advice and guidance on issues relating to autism. These topics are planned in advance and any member can suggest a future topic.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Diagnosis
  • Social skills
  • Relationships
  • Employment
  • Hate Crime
  • Autism Research

Cost to attend

The group meets on the first Tuesday of each month in Islington at 6.30 – 8.30pm booking in advance is essential for anyone who wished to attend. There is a small entrance fee of £2 for members and £3 for non-members, which goes towards the cost of refreshments including a vegetarian option.

If you would like to find out more about ALAG or book a place to attend any of the meetings, email: info@alag.org.uk

upcoming meetings

Tuesday 5th August 2014: Summer Social 

This is the time of year when you can join us for a relaxing, fun-filled summer evening with old friends and new ones, celebrating over 12 years of ALAG. There will be plenty of food and drink, poetry from Alain English,  and an exciting display of art work by Rajinder Parsad Tattal (http://pentacularartist.wix.com/pentacularartist#!about-me).  The August meeting will also feature John’s World Cup-themed quiz! With 32 countries taking part, there will be a wide range of questions many of which will not be football related but more of a general nature.  

We will also have a short but important discussion on future plans for ALAG.  Do send in a quick email to confirm you’ll be coming as this will help us with numbers for catering. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 5th August.

Tuesday 1st July: Asperger's and Social Thinking

Dr Kassy Drossou -
Chartered Counselling Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society, the Health Professions Council and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
Sonja Ayres -
Counsellor and member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Have you ever been talking to another person and realise you're talking too much about something really interesting to you but something that may not be all that interesting to them?

Social thinking is what we do when we interact with people; we think about them, we take in the thoughts, emotions and intentions of the people we are interacting with. For many individuals on the autism spectrum, this process is anything but natural and often has nothing to do with conventional measures of intelligence. In fact, many people score high on IQ and standardized tests, yet do not intuitively learn the nuances of social communication and interaction.

Kassy Drossou and Sonja Ayres will discuss how our behaviors affect the way others perceive and respond to us. We invite you to come along and join in the discussion.

If you would like to find out more about ALAG or book a place to attend any of the meetings, email: info@alag.org.uk

Past Meetings

  • Tuesday 3rd June 2014: Transport for London: 'Come on Board' An introduction to accessible transport in London.
  • Tuesday 6th May 2014: Sensory Processing in Autism
  • Tuesday 1st April 2014: Employment
  • Tuesday 4th March 2014: ALAG - We need your views
  • Tuesday 4th February 2014: Understanding Asperger syndrome
  • Tuesday 7th January 2014: Results from an investigation into self-esteem (Hannah Mustard, Research, UCL)
  • Tuesday 3rd December 2013: Christmas party and quiz
  • Tuesday 5th November 2013: Beyond diagnosis (therapeutic inverventions supporting emotional wellbeing and mental health
  • Sunday 6th October 2013: Autumn walk
  • Tuesday 1st October 2013: Dealing with depression
  • Tuesday 3rd September 2013: Family Relationships: Open discussion
  • Tuesday 6th August 2013: Walk in Epping Forest
  • Tuesday 2nd July 2013: Bullying
  • Saturday 8th June 2013: Treasure Hunt in Hyde Park
  • Tuesday 4th June 2013: ‘Push for Action’ – Shane Samarasinghe, NAS
  • Tuesday 7th May 2013: New Technology – Open discussion
  • Tuesday 2nd April 2013: Meditation – by Ratnaprabha & Dhiraprabha
  • Tuesday 5th March 2013: Friendship – Open discussion
  • Tuesday 5th February 2013: Living in Fear Research Project: update by Colin Guest

Friday 11thJanuary 2013: Tony Attwood Conference 

Ethney Anderson, Tony Attwood, Desmond Meldrum

It was a great start to the year for autism london who were delighted to attend the Tony Attwood Conference at the Russell Hotel in London on 11th January. We are thankful to Barbara Jacobs of Autistic Intelligence for her kind invitation and to Tony Attwood, who, as always gave a brilliant presentation on the autism lifespan.

Feedback from ALAG members who attended the Conference:

"..He was very humorous, upbeat and used good visual aids which kept the audience focused."

"Not enough is done around relationships, great to see it included in the presentation!"

"On the whole it was excellent, especially explaining in layman's terms/plain English, the issues associated with Asperger's syndrome."

Tuesday 8th January 2013: Reviewing the Autism Strategy – Consultation and Involvement

Guest speaker Michael Swaffield, Autism Policy Lead, Department of Health

The Autism Act 2009 assures “a strategy for meeting the needs of adults in England with autistic spectrum conditions by improving the provision of relevant services” from Local Authorities and the NHS and in March 2010 the Department of Health published The Strategy for Adults with Autism in England; Fulfilling and Rewarding Lives.

The Strategy is under review next year; join us for an opportunity to influence what happens where you live.

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