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01/11/2017 09:19:00

mcch is merging with national charity Choice Support.

Choice Support has over 30 years' experience supporting people with disabilities and does some excellent work involving people they support.

Oliver Mills (Chair) says:

Oliver Mills“Social care is facing unprecedented financial challenges. By merging our two charities, which share the same values and strong track records in supporting people with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs to live independent lives, we are creating a stronger organisation better equipped to face these challenges.”

Both charities will become subsidiaries of a holding company, a newly formed charity called Partnership Support Group (PSG). It is expected that both Choice Support and mcch will fully integrate and become one organisation, PSG, in the future. The combined organisation will have an annual turnover of £66 million, providing support to 2300 people and employing 3000 staff.

Sarah Maguire, Choice Support’s Managing Director, will become the Chief Executive of PSG. She says:

Sarah Maguire“Both mcch and Choice Support believe that merging will create a stronger charity that can offer enhanced services to beneficiaries. We’ll become a major new provider in social care, offering support and housing expertise across the country. This is a great opportunity for us to redefine the way we deliver social care. We’ll be continuing all the good things that both organisations do currently, while exploring new ways of collaborating with families and commissioners. We’ll share best practice from both organisations and encourage more innovation. In time we’ll be able to offer a broader range of services to people we support. It’s an exciting development.”

Both organisations are solvent and financially viable.

There are no plans for service closures or cuts to front-line staff as a result of the merger.

The PSG Directors’ Group (the senior leadership team) will be:

Sarah Maguire (current Choice Support Managing Director)

Group Director - Finance, Payroll and ICT
Debbie Bankole-Williams (current mcch Finance and IT Director)

Group Director - HR
Mark Ferry (current Choice Support Deputy Managing Director and Director of Corporate Services)

Group Director – Operations Learning Disability

David Jackson (current Choice Support Director of Operations North)

Group Director – Operations Mental Health and Autism
Mel Shad (current mcch Director of Mental Health)

Group Director - Housing and Development
Richard Webb (current mcch Housing Director)

Director of Integration and Transformation
Brendan Smith (current Choice Support Director of ICT and Programmes)

Steven Rose (current Choice Support CEO) will work as Chief Development and Innovation Officer across Choice Support and mcch, exploring new ways of working.

Initially mcch and Choice Support will continue as separate charities. A PSG Board of Trustees has been formed from 5 former Trustees from both Choice Support and mcch. This PSG Board of Trustees will also become the Board of Trustees for Choice Support and mcch:

Oliver Mills (Chair) – mcch
Paul McGee – Choice Support
Colin Mills – mcch
Chris Dorey – Choice Support
Anne Chapman – mcch
Lynda Frampton – Choice Support
Peter Hasler – mcch
Barry Coker – Choice Support
Kate Wood – mcch
Ian Bell – Choice Support

If you'd like to find out more, please contact our marketing team.
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