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29/10/2012 13:46:00

Training Packs have been produced by Pavilion Publishing to support an accredited training course developed by Signpost UK (a project in partnership with mcch and Mental Health Matters). The packs are designed to skill participants as mental health brokers and support brokers, which includes a specialist focus on learning disability issues, systems and supports).

Purchase the Training Packs:

The cost is £115 for each pack, with a special introductory price of £95.00.

Course details:
The course runs for five days and is broken down into five modules with step by step instructions for running the training. The packs include an accompanying CD-rom containing all the handouts and PowerPoint slides needed for the course.

Contents include:
  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Introduction and basic skills
  • Module 2: Assessment, review and the broker role
  • Module 3: Mental health information and awareness
  • Module 4: Legislation, strategy and the broker role
  • Module 5: Brokerage role, boundaries and resources
  • Supporting materials
  • CD-rom with handouts and PowerPoint slides
The book will inform and benefit:
  • Individuals wanting to train as peer brokers: Individuals who have some personal experience of services who want to assist others and build their personal skillset in order to take a positive step into volunteering or work situations.
  • Individuals wishing to train as independent specialist mental health brokers: Individuals working in community settings who are generally interested in providing a new service as self-employed independent brokers.
  • Organisations wanting their existing staff to acquire essential new skills as brokers: Many organisations recognise that they will need to work in new and innovative ways in readiness for the implementation of more personalised services. This training will allow staff to learn to work in a more personalised way and adds the potential for secondment opportunities for staff to be released from their normal duties to operate as independent brokers. This demonstrates commitment to user focused practice from organisations willing to support their staff gaining this additional skillset.

Important Information: Those who wish to use the materials to train people in a professional capacity can  attend an accredited training for trainers course provided by Signpost UK. Click here for details of training for trainers licensing arrangements

For more information about Signpost UK, please visit the website: www.signpostuk.org

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