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13/02/2018 17:15:00

What does love mean to you?

We asked people with learning disabilities what love means to them and how important it is in their lives.

Sarah tells us: 

“Having love in your life is so important. It’s good to have someone to rely on and who is always there to cheer you up. It’s also great to get a hug when I need it!  

“I’ve been going out with Julian for a year now. We met at the Freedom nightclub and we started out as friends. And I think that’s the best way to start a relationship! The staff are really supportive of my relationship and my Dad is really happy, which is a bonus!”  

We're raising money to put on social events for people with learning disabilities, so share the love this Valentine's Day and text LOVE35£5 to 70070 to donate £5 to Supported Loving campaign.


Julie tells us what love is

Julie is engaged and likes being in a relationship:

“We met at a nightclub. We’ve been going out for a long time. 

"We see each other a lot. I think that love is about caring for each other.”


Supported Loving is a campaign that believes people with learning disabilities should have the right to fall in love and have relationships if they want to. As social care providers, we must recognise our responsibility to provide support that helps make this happen. Read more about Supported Loving here.

Photo of Lee

Lee tells us:

“I got engaged last year to a lovely person. 

"It’s nice to be engaged. Love is good. 

"It’s important to be with someone who is nice.”

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