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Mental health services in Braintree

Wellbeing & engagement

We actively promote positive mental wellbeing for people we support. Our Live it Well centres support people to access a range of different services to improve their mental wellbeing. Our Community Bridge Builders services work in partnership with Rethink to improve access to the community. Signpost UK is a helps people to find information and support to improve their mental health wellbeing. In Braintree we operate Community Bridge Builders.

find out more about Community Bridge Builders

Social enterprises

We have eleven social enterprises that operate as a small business. People are supported to work as volunteers and paid employees within the enterprise, gaining real work-related skills. We also support people to find part-time or full-time work outside of the enterprise as soon as they are ready. In Braintree we have an enterprise called mcch enterprises that does garden and general maintenance.

find out more about our social enterprises
find out more about mcch enterprises Braintree

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